SL Engineering begin ELLB training with SiG

Oct 26, 2021

Last week, SL Engineering Ltd launched their Effective Lean Leadership Behaviours training with the support of Will Seager from Project 7.

The first two days centred around the role of the leader and policy deployment, where two key themes are; inverting the pyramid of leadership behaviours, and the need to set the right frequency of short interval control to review progress on activities.

Will introduced the analogy of “touching the frog” as a memorable way for the leadership team to think about how often then need to review activities to make sure they are on track, and support course correction where needed.

Joint Managing Director, John Pickard commented: “A really thought provoking first 2 days of the ELLB course, with Will showing how we can literally turn our management approach upside down to achieve better results. Found out a lot on the “go look see” sessions and can’t wait to start touching the frog”.