Capabilities and Services

Capabilities and Services

CNC Tube Manipulation and Forming

With our fully equipped purpose-built pipe-shop SL Engineering has the capability to produce products ranging from simple single bend tubes, intricate bent pipes through to complex multi-leg tube assemblies and manifolds. Capabilities and facilities are as follows:

• Tube manipulation and duct bending up to maximum 3” (76.2mm) diameter.
• An extensive range of high tech all electric CNC and NC tube bending machines linked directly to co-ordinate measuring machines (CMM’s).
• Specialist hand bending services for non-conventional CNC bent tube and pipe forms.
• Production of extremely tight centre line radius tube bends, from 1 x diameter
(radius) upwards.
• Expertise to bend a vast array of material types including all stainless steels, aluminium, copper nickel, inconel, nimonics, titanium and other high temperature super alloys.
• Tube and pipe shaping and cold forming facilities including pressing and shaping of tube forms.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machine shop is equipped with the very latest cutting-edge CNC Turning, CNC Multi-Axis Turn Mill and CNC 5 Axis Milling technology to enable us to deliver cost effective precision machined tube and duct fittings.

SL Engineering has significant experience in producing high quality precision CNC machined components, including:

• Complex tube, duct and pipe end fittings.
• Mill-turned complex prismatic tube fittings.
• Make from solid 5 axis tube forms including fuel pipes, bulkhead fittings and originally defined cast / forged profiles converted to machine from bar.
• Standard simple pipe end fittings.

These components support our internal pipe assembly fitting requirements, as well as the demands of our external customers, who require CNC machined tube and pipe end fittings supplied as standalone items.

Welding & Brazing

SL Engineering specialises in the manufacture of welded and brazed tube and pipe fabrications, incorporating both CNC machined or industry standard fittings welded or brazed to bent and formed pipe and tube components.

Our highly skilled coded welders employ manual hand TIG or computerised circumferential orbital TIG to perform welding of tube assemblies in various materials such as stainless steel, inconel, titanium, aluminium and other nickel alloys.

If required, MIG, gas or stick welding capabilities are also available to service customer requirements.

Low and intermediate temperature torch or induction brazing and silver soldering are carried out by qualified personnel in most materials, including aluminium.

All our welding and brazing processes are fully approved to industry standards, such as NADCAP AS7110 for the aerospace industry.

NDT Testing and Inspection Facilities


SL Engineering’s Non-Destructive Testing facilities include:

• Dye-Penetrant testing of welded joints, bent tubes, pipe assemblies and machined components using fluorescent post emulsifiable and water washable methods, qualified in accordance with international industry and customer specific standards.
• X-Ray (radiographic) testing of weld and braze joints qualified to international industry and customer specific standards.
• In house NDT Level 2 and Level 3 qualified personnel
The above processes are independently approved by NADCAP to AS7114.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing in either air, nitrogen gas or hydraulic fluids up to 25000 PSI can be carried out in our specially equipped pressure testing cell.

SL Engineering holds Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) approval which enables us to pressure test, approve and CE Mark fuel manifolds to meet our stringent customer and regulatory requirements.


Our dedicated temperature-controlled inspection facility encompasses a variety of methods in which the product is inspected to ensure precise quality standards and requirements are achieved. These methods include:

• Contact and non-contact coordinate measuring machines (CMM) inspection of pipes and fittings.
• Digital optical non-contact measuring.
• Advanced digital borescope technology.
• Shadowgraph.
• Industry standard manual inspection methods.
• Micro evaluation of metallurgical features for weld substantiation.
• Digital surface finish measurement.

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