Our Other Services

Our Other Services

Other Supply Chain Solutions

Low-cost manufacturing solutions

We support the full product lifecycle serial production phase by utilising our approved low-cost global component manufacturing supply chain, enabling us to offer a competitive cost solution for high volume tube assembly production

Risk free manufacturing solutions

We manage and mitigate the risk of our high-volume low-cost manufacturing supply chain by integrating a dual sourced, low-cost and local UK manufacturing strategy to ensure seamless continuity of supply if global disruptions occur, such as pandemics.

Supply chain development, management and integrator services

Through our extensive network of carefully managed trusted global suppliers, we provide our customers with the most cost-effective and consolidated manufacturing solutions.

End to End product life cycle management services

From design concept into development and prototyping phase, ramping up to full scale serial high volume production, through to legacy and aftermarket support to provide low volume production and spares.

Other Manufacturing Solutions

Part marking services

2D data matrix dot peen, electrolytic chemi-etch and vibro-peen part marking enable us to provide full product traceability and identification.

Kitting services

Provision of build kits and tube assembly kits fed direct to our customers’ assembly build lines.

Stockholding services

We offer a variety of stockholding policies including buffer stock, VMI and replenishment stocking to meet customer requirements.

Special packaging facilities

Our dedicated packaging facilities enable protection of parts to ensure safe and secure packaging in accordance with customer requirements, for delivery to globally located customers.

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“If ever there’s going to be a miracle it’s usually delivered by SL Engineering. They’re a good supplier and I’ve worked with them for many years"
"Please understand that our analysis is not solely based on price, but also service level – and we are very appreciative of the level of service which you and your team provide."
"100% on time delivery across most of the year, majority of the time delivering early which is more than welcomed - world class!"
"Very quick response to RFQ, sales orders and any technical questions we ask."
"Communication is always excellent and we are kept fully informed of any ongoing issues."
"With regard to delivery SL Engineering are my top performing supplier and quality performance is always just as high!"

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